Review: The Cupcake Kitchen

Jane’s Ice Cream at the Cupcake Kitchen on Main in Irvington, NY.
Coconut Almond Joy:

The Pork Trifecta

Pancetta (pictured above) and even prosciutto are often referred to as Italian bacon. Fox News gives us a lesson in the “Holy Trinity” of Italian cured pork... Basically, it's not bacon.

Cut from the belly but not smoked like traditional bacon. It is salt-cured and seasoned with spices (such as nutmeg, pepper, fennel and garlic) and then air dried for 3 months. 

Cut from the jowls and rubbed in salt, peppercorns and thyme. It is then hung to air dry at about 60°and ready to eat in 3 weeks.  

A salt cured whole leg of pork aged for up to two years.

Pig Party Recap

This past Sunday I went to 3rd Ward’s Pig Roast & Dance Party where I did not have any pig and to my knowledge there was no dancing. Butcher Tom Mylan of Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Bonita (or I should say formerly of...) was on hand to transform the 200 lb. pig into pork tacos. The line however was insanely long and was mostly outside where intermittent downpours left pork lovers (and probably the pork, I imagine) drenched. Mylan sliced off the tip of his finger in the process. I guess that’s what happens when faced with a mob of soaking wet, pig-hungry hipsters drunk on free Colt 45. Wouldn’t want them to simultaneously start whining... 

A no pig/no dance party is a bit of a disappointment. 3rd Ward however is a pretty interesting place with lots of great resources for the Williamsburg artist community. I got a tour of their facilities from the education director who told us about the different classes available as well as the story of their missing maintenance man. I also got a dude with a pig silkscreened onto my t-shirt for $1 so at least it wasn’t a complete let down.


Review: Lia’s Ices

Lia’s Ices on 16th & Prospect Park West in Windsor Terrace.
White chocolate raspberry gelato:


Renegade Bacon

Just a few examples of the meat-inspired goodies available at last weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair in SF. Who wouldn’t want to lay in bed with a fluffy bacon pillow by Sweet Meats? Or show your appreciation for your loved one’s love of bacon with a card from WilloToons. Thanks to Kelly for the pics!


Review: Resto

Greene Ice Cream for dessert at Resto on 29th between Park & Lex in Murray Hill.
Orange and Chocolate Stout:

Pig Out, Get Down.

This Sunday, 3rd Ward hosts it’s 2nd Annual Pig Roast and Dance Party with Brooklyn Based. Is it just me or are pig roast parties quite the trend? At least this one is free and does not involve pirates. If I get done with over a month’s worth of laundry, perhaps I will brave the newly extended G. Be sure to RSVP here.


Review: The General Greene

I was the first customer to order an entire cone (people usually ask for samples only) of this particular flavor at the General Greene.
Elvis (peanut butter, banana, bacon):

A Whole New Kind of Happy Hour

I love brunch. Especially after waking up with a hangover and craving something greasy and delicious to help you feel like a human being again. So there's nothing more disappointing than getting up so late that you miss brunch. Well someone has finally come to their senses with soon to open Permanent Brunch. According to Eater, the East Village restaurant’s menu will consist of all brunch items. But the best part is they will have an artisanal bacon bar! Now it can be happy hour every hour...

Thanks Karen!


The Baconator Goes Upscale

used to be this:
The guys over at Fancy Fast Food have done it again... Although the 1st photo does look super fancy (and quite inventive!), I actually might prefer to eat this meal in it’s before stage. I still think Wendy’s Baconator is sexist and you know how I feel about pureed meat so this is certainly not the fancy fast food feast for me. 


Best Bacon Breakfast (from a truck)

With food trucks being all the rage, it’s hard to keep up with all the tweeted locations. I have yet to try more than half of the trucks I follow (it certainly does not help if you are technically challenged and work in Westchester!). But I must start making a serious effort to track down Wafels and Dinges. Acording to Serious Eats, their truck is soon to be offering the bacon waffle! This wonderful breakfast would make my commute just a bit easier to bear if only they parked near Grand Central in the mornings...

Thanks to Karen & Charlotte who simultaneously sent me this story!

Review: Nathan’s

Lunch at Nathan’s Famous on Surf & Stillwell in Coney Island.
Bacon cheese fries:

I Hear Wedding Bacon...

Even better than wedding bells is the sound of wedding bacon! That sizzle will have both bride and groom running to the altar. Allison over at Robicelli’s in Bay Ridge sent me pictures of the bacon wedding cake they made over the weekend. You can celebrate any occasion with a full sized cake of any of their cupcake flavors—including the Elvis pictured below.

Review: The General Greene

Greene Ice Cream at the General Greene on Dekalb & Clermont in Fort Greene.
Honey Vanilla and Lemon Olive Oil:

Note: both of these get 2 scoops for flavor but the Honey Vanilla did the film-on-the-roof-of-your-mouth thing and Lemon Olive Oil had a weird consistency (separation due to lack of stabilizers).


Bacon Tomato Jam

I hate condiments and I hate tomatoes (just raw ones). But I actually do love tomato jam—at least the sweet delicious stuff my grandma makes. So when I saw this recipe I was deeply lamenting the failure of my three little tomato seedlings earlier this spring. I was tempted to order a $15 jar of skillet bacon jam all the way from Oregon but I am still a bit skeptical of pureed bacon. Besides, wouldn’t it be better to pick up some tomatoes from the local greenmarket and make this sweet and savory version (no blender involved!) at home?


Bacon Beware!

If you dress as bacon, be prepared to be licked by a shirtless man with a spear. These guys were in the Bay to Breakers race in SF—or maybe they were just racing towards this. Thanks to baconista fan Kelly for sending in the photo! 

Review: Five Leaves

Dinner at Five Leaves on Bedford & Nassau in Greenpoint.
Devils on horseback:

Review: Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck parked on N12th & Bedford in Williamsburg.
Earl grey tea:


Nose-to-Tail & Everything In Between

This Sunday at the Astor Center, Ryan Skeen will teach you how to use all the flavorful, cheap cuts of the pig at home. Unfortunately, at $135 the class itself is not cheap. But if you love pork and you cook a lot then it may be worth it! Mr. Skeen, of Irving Mill and Resto fame, will be preparing the following meal:

Hamachi w/ Pork Rind, Morcilla, Grapefruit & Uni 
Pork Toast w/ Deviled Eggs & Caviar 
Crispy Pigs Ear Salad 
Boudin Noir Souffle 
Salt & Pepper Pig Tails 
Zampone Cotechino w/ Lentils 
Trotter Sugo w/ Tuscan Kale, Garganelli & Burrata

The “erstwhile porkestra conductor” can now be found at Allen & Delancey which I have been dying to try simply for their bacon caramel french toast dessert... mmm.


Review: The Cupcake Kitchen

Jane’s Ice Cream at The Cupcake Kitchen on Main in Irvington, NY.
Peanut butter fudge:

A Massive Bacon Review

The A.V. Club taste tested a whole slew of bacon products. And thank goodness, because after my last taste test of bacon flavoured items I’d much rather let someone else do the work. Among the tested: Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancakes, Bacon Freak Bacon Jerky, skillet bacon jam, Spam with bacon, bacon-flavored jellybeans, bacon-flavored gum balls, and bacon-flavored toothpicks. The article comes complete with office reaction quotes and where to get everything. Well, everything except for the gumballs and mints because “You don’t want that shit.” Seems they’ve come to the same conclusion as I have—artificial bacon flavor just isn’t as good as the real thing. What did manage to get good reviews was the skillet bacon jam. I’m a bit turned off by pureed bacon but grilled cheese with bacon jam was described as “crunchy pulled pork.” Hmmm...


Review: The General Greene

The General Greene on Dekalb & Clermont in Fort Greene.

Salted Caramel Pretzel:

Blueberry peach blossom:

Note: Tasty but the peach blossom leaves that kid’s cereal film on the roof of your mouth.



There’s a catch—it comes on a fast food burger. And you all know I don’t eat fast food burgers. But you never know, maybe they’re really good. Best way to find out is for free (with purchase of any soft drink). Try Arby’s BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger before Monday (expires 7/13)!

Flying Pig

Beautiful wine labels by Phil Skinner. Love the die cut pigs!

Review: Totonnos’s

Dinner at Totonno’s on 2nd Ave & 26th in Kips Bay.
Margherita pizza with bacon:


Dig In. Pig Out.

“Oinkganic” chocolate from Fat Pig has adorable packaging and an even cuter website. Doesn’t exactly make gorging on chocolate guilt-free... Perhaps if it had bacon in it the pig reference wouldn’t make us feel so self conscious.


Review: Les Glaceurs

Bilboquet ice cream at Les Glaceurs on Saint-Sulpice in Old Montreal.
Caramel ice cream:

“Pork. Fat. Salt and Sugar.”

I can’t think of a better flavor combination. A lot of sugar, cream and butter—and bacon of course! I’ve not made candy before but might just have to try my hand at this bacon caramel recipe from not without salt. Although it would be even better if someone just made it for me...

Review: L’Arte del Gelato

L’Arte del Gelato in the Chelsea Market on 9th Ave. between 15th & 16th.
Panna cotta gelato:

Review: Ronnybrook Dairy

Ronnybrooke Dairy in the Chelsea Market on 9th Ave between 15th & 16th.
Raspberry ice cream:


Happy 4th!

I’m taking a break from posting during the holiday weekend. I’ll be in Montreal... I know, not very patriotic. But I pledge allegiance to bacon—you can’t get more American than that! 

Via Flickr.

Review: The Carriage House

Bar food at the Carriage House on 59th between 2nd & 3rd in Midtown East.
Potato skins with bacon and cheese: