Candle / Condiment

Most of you know that I am anti-condiment. However, should there be a bacon fat votive adorning my table, I would certainly be inclined to drizzle the melting fat onto whatever I’m eating. Rick Gresh of David Burke’s Primehouse created this dual-purpose candle which is also available in a beef suet variety. If you can put one thing on your table to make your meal both prettier and tastier—this is the thing.

Thanks to Gavin for posting the article!


Best Bacon

The Village Voice has voted Karczma’s peasant lard (dotted with smoked bits of bacon) as New York’s Best Bacon. Congrats to the Greenpoint Polish food favorite... too bad my one Greenpoint friend is moving this week.

Image from flickr.

Review: Permanent Brunch

Selections from the bacon bar at Permanent Brunch on 1st Ave between 5th & 6th in the East Village:

Hungarian smoked kolozsvari:

Burger’s sugar cured bacon:


Bacon Tantrum

Little man is serious about his bacon!


PETA vs. Paris

This adorable swine version of Bodoni is Miss Piglette—Paris Hilton’s soon to be pet pig. PETA made a statement that she treats her pets as “disposable as her friends and fiancees.” Ouch. The heiress who paid $4,500 for her new companion/accessory says “I treat my pets like children. I think it’s a lot better for the pig to be at home with me than be made into bacon.” I’m not so sure about that. I’ve seen Tinkerbell struggling to walk in what are probably $300 doggie booties and wearing stupid ballerina get ups. That's just cruel...

Pigs would actually have a much better life rooting around in manure on a free range farm somewhere. Ultimately ending up as bacon is a small sacrifice to pay to avoid a lifetime in humiliating costumes being carried around like a purse.



My favorite Brooklyn bar Sycamore has live music & BBQ every Saturday this month to celebrate Oktoberfest. This Saturday (10/17), Tom Kearny of The Farm will spit roast a whole 100 lb pig—pasture-raised of course—in Sycamore’s backyard. $25 gets you pig parts, sides and 2 beers.

“Macon Bacon”

That’s how it’s done, alright. Buy this Howe t-shirt here.

Thanks to ILWTR for the always fabulous fashion tips.


Even Bacon Can’t Help Boston

After Friday’s loss, Red Sox manager Terry Francona said the team had a remedy for Game 3:

“We’ll show up tomorrow, do what we always do on early games—have 12 pieces of bacon, a Red Bull and go get ‘em.”

Looks like it didn’t quite work out. The Red Sox lost to the Angels on Sunday 7 to 6. But, I don’t know... it still sounds like a pretty good plan. Next time I have to get up early for something (say, work maybe?) I should try this out.


More Mr. Bumble to Love

No update on whether Mr. Bumble—the bacon-loving skunk—has lost any weight yet. Thought I’d share more pictures of the plump little fella (courtesy of metro.co.uk and dailymail.co.uk). I had no idea how fat he was from the initial picture I posted—still rather adorable though. This should be a clear warning that an all-bacon diet may just be too much of a good thing. I’m not saying bacon is bad—in fact it can be quite good for you! It’s all about balance... and contrary to popular belief, I do eat a vegetable every now and then. No one wants to end up Bumble-sized.