Pig Party Recap

This past Sunday I went to 3rd Ward’s Pig Roast & Dance Party where I did not have any pig and to my knowledge there was no dancing. Butcher Tom Mylan of Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Bonita (or I should say formerly of...) was on hand to transform the 200 lb. pig into pork tacos. The line however was insanely long and was mostly outside where intermittent downpours left pork lovers (and probably the pork, I imagine) drenched. Mylan sliced off the tip of his finger in the process. I guess that’s what happens when faced with a mob of soaking wet, pig-hungry hipsters drunk on free Colt 45. Wouldn’t want them to simultaneously start whining... 

A no pig/no dance party is a bit of a disappointment. 3rd Ward however is a pretty interesting place with lots of great resources for the Williamsburg artist community. I got a tour of their facilities from the education director who told us about the different classes available as well as the story of their missing maintenance man. I also got a dude with a pig silkscreened onto my t-shirt for $1 so at least it wasn’t a complete let down.

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  1. There was no dancing at the party because all the kids were drinking "lemonade" and raving on the river.