Taste Testing

Due to my pamphagous desire to explore all things bacon, I ventured into the world of bacon flavoured snacks. That’s flavoured with a “u” because these were all acquired by Charlotte on her trip to London. Now that my fingers are stained with the scent of artificial bacon, here are my findings...

I first heard of Walkers Smoky Bacon Flavour Potato Crisps from my friend Khary who claims that they do taste a lot like bacon. The texture is exactly like a Lay’s potato chip and while they do have a meat-tinged flavor to it, I'm not sure I’d call it bacon-y. When you open the bag it almost smells like BBQ flavor—they definitely have a smokey smell and taste.

Smiths Bacon Flavour Fries were actually pretty tasty—probably my favorite of the bunch. They are perfectly salty with a hint of sweet bacon. They even look a bit like bacon...

Wheat Crunchies Crispy Bacon Flavour Crunchy Wheaty Tubes look kind of scary... Resembling something like a dog treat, I expected them to have a fairly meaty flavor. They were indeed crunchy and wheaty (as the name suggests) but the flavor was rather bland and didn't come close to tasting like bacon.

Red Mill Bacon Streaks Cereal Snacks have an interesting texture—kind of light and airy but sort of saturated with oil at the same time. These had the most bacon-like flavor... but I can’t say that I really enjoyed them. 

In conclusion: I prefer the real thing.


  1. Thanks for the review-now I will be spared the need to find out as now I know!

  2. I take my duties very seriously!

  3. Crisps, fries, and doggie treats sort of make sense but bacon cereal snacks? Who would eat bacon for breakfast?

  4. I have been searching the net for ways to purchase Smith's Bacon Fries AND Red Mill Bacon Streaks for my daughter who, like you, is also a "Baconista". Where any of these any good that you had to find a way to buy them in the U.S. and did you? Hope you can help... thanks..