The General Greene

The General Greene is a pork lover’s paradise—evident in the wait staff’s “Swinevore” t-shirts (I want one!). Pig is very prominent on this menu of mostly small plates made for sharing. I had an entirely bacon-filled 3 course meal starting with the bacon dates followed by the iceberg wedge with buttermilk blue cheese dressing and bacon. Candied bacon served as my main course as it was certainly substantial enough. Everything was tasty and satisfying. This meal could have been absolutely perfect if only they had their “Elvis" flavor ice cream—peanut butter and banana ice cream with bacon. Alas, it was not on the menu that day (I will continue to call and harass them until ?I find out when it is)... instead I tried the salted caramel ice cream which was divine. 

For a taste of Elvis, try the fantastic peanut butter banana ice cream at Blue Marble on Atlantic. Sadly there is no bacon in their version but it's still really amazing.