Nose-to-Tail & Everything In Between

This Sunday at the Astor Center, Ryan Skeen will teach you how to use all the flavorful, cheap cuts of the pig at home. Unfortunately, at $135 the class itself is not cheap. But if you love pork and you cook a lot then it may be worth it! Mr. Skeen, of Irving Mill and Resto fame, will be preparing the following meal:

Hamachi w/ Pork Rind, Morcilla, Grapefruit & Uni 
Pork Toast w/ Deviled Eggs & Caviar 
Crispy Pigs Ear Salad 
Boudin Noir Souffle 
Salt & Pepper Pig Tails 
Zampone Cotechino w/ Lentils 
Trotter Sugo w/ Tuscan Kale, Garganelli & Burrata

The “erstwhile porkestra conductor” can now be found at Allen & Delancey which I have been dying to try simply for their bacon caramel french toast dessert... mmm.


  1. that's kind of hysterical... a $135 class to teach you how to use cheap cuts of meat. that would be like buying a $50 cookbook of recipes for making bargain recipes.

  2. Seriously! I got so excited... until I saw the ticket price.

  3. The real question is who gets the leftovers?