This is where I want to live...

While on the way to a chocolate factory (or was it the cheese outlet?) during a recent trip to Vermont, I spotted a little side street called “Bacon Street!” I meant to go back and take a picture of the sign but completely forgot. How nice it must be to live on Bacon...

Speaking of trips, I'm off to Florida next week. Does anyone have bacon suggestions in the Ft. Lauderdale or Miami area??

Bacon Takedown

Yes! I will ride that bacon war pig!!! Via whatever-the-weather.

Bring Home the Bacon

And keep it in this bacon billfold! Sorry, I posted this kind of late—yesterday they were offering the wallet with a crisp new fiver inside to get you started. But... do you really want a meat wallet??


No Big Salad for Elaine

She wants bacon! Looking insanely good (at 48) on the cover of Shape, Julia Louis-Dreyfus admits her weakness for bacon. Like me, she doesn't keep any in the house (okay, sometimes I do) because of the temptation. 

An Honest Bacon Debate

My fellow baconista Charlotte sends me pictures from her favorite Bacon Sandwich spot in London’s Regents Park. The Honest Sausage uses free-range and organic pork from small, family run farms. I think Jamie Oliver would approve! 

Now, some people would say that English-style bacon isn't bacon at all. Charlotte assures me it’s delicious (these bacon sandwiches have been known to cause quite a fuss) whereas I♥Bacon tells me “it’s just salty ham.” Anyone care to weigh in? And please tell me where in NY I can try some for myself.


How Deep is Your Love?

Apparently, not that deep. I spotted this lovely necklace at a very cute boutique in SF this past November. The moment I saw it I thought “Oh! I do love bacon!” until I saw the price tag and thought “Well... not that much.” Don't question my devotion—we're in a recession, damn it!


Illustration Bacon (part 2)

I could totally see this on a cute girly tee (size XS if you have it). By Bradley Silverman whose t-shirt line no\boi has a website launching this weekend!


Pour Me Some Milk

Last month I posted a question about using bacon fat instead of butter to make cookies. Metalchick666 commented with this Bacon Grease Cookie recipe. Unfortunately, the recipe called for more bacon grease than I had on hand. I used half butter this time but I will definitely have to try this again using just bacon grease to see if it makes a big difference in taste. This batch, however, is pretty damn good. I’m enjoying them now—still soft and warm—as I write. Mmmm...  


This is just weird. The bacon doesn't even look good! A slideshow of images from bacon porn would do the song more justice. Seriously, what's with all the odd color changing going on? 


Pray for Bacon

Growing up, whenever I lost Barbie’s shoe or my favorite stuffed animal, my mom would tell me to pray to St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things. It never helped much (stupid St. Anthony...) but now I've learned of a way cooler saint—St. Anthony the Abbot, patron saint of bacon! Paintings portraying Anthony often showed him accompanied by a pig and so, those working with pigs took him as their patron saint. I take him as my spiritual guide. You can get your very own St. Anthony figurine, complete with bacon in frying pan and a prayer to assist you in the enjoyment of bacon:

O wonderous St. Anthony, please bless me with an abundance of quality bacon and grant me the patience and timing to properly fry each glorious strip. Amen.



Is there something wrong with the residents of Stillwater, MN??

In New York City, we're (unfortunately) used to seeing restaurants closing left and right. But in Stillwater, Stone’s Restaurant and Lounge is only the second major restaurant to close recently. In this economy we should support local businesses whenever possible—ESPECIALLY when they serve free strips of bacon at the bar!!! Stillwater, how could you let this place close? If my local offered free bacon, I'd be there every night!


Month of Bacon Update

Here's an update on Mike Nelson’s month long bacon-only diet. He’s actually lost some weight and his blood pressure has gone down! Apparently pork fat is similar to olive oil... really??

Bacon Martinis in the East Village

Via caro at the Double Down Saloon on A & Houston.

Pinot Noir: medium bodied, spicy... and bacon-y?

According to Jim Eastman’s music & wine blog, there is indeed a wine that tastes like bacon! He describes his first whiff of the Rock Point 2007 Pinot Noir

The glass arrived. I shove my nose in the glass. No doubt. Overwhelming. Bacon! Smoky, spicy bacon. Good bacon at that. Applewood smoked bacon with pepper on it. That kind of bacon. 

Mmmm... I would love to be sipping on a glass of wine that is “nice and earthy, like a free-range hog” right about now. Has anyone tried it already?


Review: t.b.d.

Bar food at t.b.d. on Franklin and Green in Greenpoint.
Mac and cheese with bacon:


Review: Thor

Brunch at Thor in the Hotel on Rivington in the LES.
Side of bacon:


Review: Souza’s Churrascaria

Dinner at Souza’s in Burlington, VT.
Bacon-wrapped turkey:

Bacon-wrapped filet mignon:

Review: Willard Street Inn

Breakfast at the Willard Street Inn in Burlington, VT.
Applewood smoked bacon:

Afternoon snack at the inn.
Broccoli and bacon soup:

Review: Magnolia Breakfast & Lunch Bistro

Brunch at Magnolia in Burlington, VT.
Side of bacon:

Seduce Me

And this is the way to do it:

Seduced by Bacon by Joanna Pruess is filled with irresistible bacon recipes. Tempt your loved one with the come-hither smell of bacon this Valentine’s Day. You can see a few of the recipes here. Photographs by Liesa Cole are indeed seductive. Even shots of skillets and non-bacon ingredients look damn sexy.

The baconista blog is good for you.

Well, for the most part anyway... The Gematriculator determines how good or evil a website is by searching for different patterns in text. The baconista blog is 76% good (as compared to ILWTR’s measly 60%) and only a mere 24% evil. But could you truly enjoy anything if it weren't just a teeny bit evil? The site says:

“Experts consider the mathematical patterns in the text of the Holy Bible as God’s watermark of authenticity. Thus, the Gematriculator provides only results that are absolutely correct.

So basically, God wants you to eat bacon.


Bacon is NOT why you’re fat!

This is Why You’re Fat is a blog of visual commentary on America’s disgusting eating habits and obesity problems. An alarming amount of the dishes posted involve lots of bacon... But I say don’t go blaming bacon for your lack of self-control! If you have weight issues maybe you shouldn’t be making a boat out of meat. I have to admit, some of the images on the site are pretty disgusting. However, many of them look downright tasty! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy bacon in moderation... 
Although, I guess a Double Bacon Hamburger Melt isn’t quite moderate.

But a Bacon Shell Taco isn’t so terrible—just eat one!

More Bacon & Bourbon

As you can see, there is no shortage of bacon and bourbon lovers out there. By far one of the coolest events I’ve been to... ever... in life.

Applewood smoked bacon samples being passed around while Josh Ozersky spoke of the importance of a 50/50 meat to fat ratio in bacon. He compared it to a well balanced meal in which “the fat is the meat and the meat is the vegetables.” Ozersky also recommends Benton’s bacon and his preferred method of cooking bacon is in the oven at 375°.

Scott Smith from RUB shares with us step-by-step his recipe for making BBQ Bacon Chunks—cured, triple smoked and deep fried in lard. Note to self: Eat at RUB very, very soon!

Bacon & Bourbon—a wildly successful pairing. Read more about the event here. And check out video from The Feedbag.


Making Bacon Complicated

Owen Morris of the Pitch Blog shares his bacon making flow chart (click to enlarge). Seriously?.. No one should be cooking anything without pants—it's just unsanitary. 

Bacon made me do it...

William Baker of Freckleton, England was driven to beat his girlfriend Theresa Fitzpatrick after an argument over bacon sandwiches! No one should ever use bacon as an excuse for bad behavior! Tsk, tsk...


Just Add Bacon

Does your website need a side of bacon? Simply add “http://bacolicio.us” to the beginning of your url and a big slab of bacon appears across your page like so:

Yes, it's odd but that's one tasty looking piece of bacon. Thanks to Jeremy for confusing the hell out of me.


Bacon, King of Meats

This past Thursday, I attended the long-awaited Bacon and Bourbon Expo. Josh Ozersky (aka “Mr. Cutlets”) of Grub Street was our host. He began with a poem...

Bacon, King of Meats: The food all men desire
Perfumed by the aromas of the slowly smoldering fire

We gather in your honor, with bourbon or with beer
Two hundred souls collected for the thing they hold most dear

May your meat be bathed in smoke of one thousand fragrant logs
Created from the belly of obese and happy hogs

Redolent of hickory, with a cure as sweet as sin
You go places gastronomical, no sausage has ever been

All hail the mighty bacon! Whose scent inspires longing
Whose taste sets hearts afire and empty stomachs gnawing

Most precious of necessities, most beloved of all treats
From China to Peru, the undisputed King of Meats.


“Bacon is wonderful and would never hurt you. Bacon loves you.”

Blogger and Mystery Science Theater 3000 star MIchael J. Nelson is taking his bacon-love to a whole new level. He has vowed to eat a strictly bacon diet (and only regular bacon—no canadian bacon, turkey bacon or tofacon) for the entire month of February. I couldn't think of a more appropriate month to proclaim your love—that's dedication! You can follow his progress on his blog, blog.rifftrax.com


Illustration Bacon

Even dinos think about bacon. By Megan Lee.

Bacon Surprise by Dave Stolte.

Bacon Fish by Hamburgerpanda.

I personally think bacon is fine on it's own. By Elizabeth Capella.

What a sad, little tasty pig. By TM Boyd.


Bacon is a Four Letter Word

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Cupid, heart-shaped boxes, and red roses all come to mind... Pretty lame. Guys, take note: there is no warmer, more sincere sentiment than “I love you even more than bacon.” That’s some serious L-O-V-E!

Bacon Porn

The Bacon Porn site promises “the best pig porn this side of a pork belly” and do they deliver. It really is like porn... I find myself staring lustfully (and guiltily while at work) at picture after picture of beautiful bacon temptations. Some of my favorites:

No matter how bad it gets...

there's always a good reason to get up in the morning! 
(click to enlarge)

Check out more Cat and Girl here.


Review: Applewood

Brunch at Applewood on 11th street & 7th Ave in Park Slope.
Applewood smoked bacon: