Bacon Cures Hangovers

In college, the preferred food option (for those dwelling in SVA’s GW dorms) after a night out was MT Deli’s bacon, egg & cheese on a roll. Even to this day I still crave a bacon, egg & cheese—but on a croissant and usually from John’s Bakery—whenever I’ve had a bit too much the night before. But that rarely happens...

Now it has been scientifically proven that bacon cures hang overs! Food in general helps to speed up you metabolism which helps your body deal with the after-affects of boozing it up. But bacon, more specifically, is full of protein which breaks down into amino acids. Getting wasted depletes neurotransmitters but bacon’s high level of aminos tops these up, giving you a clearer head. Research shows that even the simple smell of bacon cooking is a comfort to all of us alcoholics. 

The weekend is here. It will be a sunny 83° tomorrow (in NYC)—which means barbecues, picnics, and outdoor cocktails. So drink up! Bacon will be waiting for you Sunday morning (or afternoon...)


  1. Why couldn't you have posted this yesterday? For reasons lost in tequila land I was in need of serious hangover cure yesterday.

  2. Sorry... But now you'll know for future post-tequila-land-adventures!

  3. Now my hangover bacon craving makes 1000% sense.

    Unrelated: I ate Irish bacon last night and thought of you.

  4. Where did you have Irish Bacon? And how was it??

  5. I buy Irish bacon at Whole Foods every time - it's my favorite because it's a thicker cut.

    It was and always is fabulous.