Bakin’ Bacon in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is not all that far—I’ve mistakenly taken the N train and ended up there so much faster than you’d expect. Still, for some reason I don’t venture out that way too often. Now Brooklyn Based has given me good motivation to. That would be Robicelli’s—Bay Ridge’s own “mom & pop gourmet shop.” More specifically, their famed Elvis cupcake! If you’ve been following the baconista this past month you know I’ve been drawn to all things Elvis lately. Banana cake frosted with a peanut butter French buttercream, and sprinkled with candied Berkshire bacon—can a cupcake possibly be more perfect? Co-owner Matt’s bacon tattoo is a clear sign that this shop is worth the trip.


  1. Hey Baconista!

    Thanks for shouting out my store on your blog - much appreciated! We don't have the Elvis cupcake every week, but we DO have it this week (until supplies run out). If you can make it down to Bay Ridge, you have have a two-pack on us.

    -Allison Robicelli

  2. I will make it my mission. Thank you!