A Massive Bacon Review

The A.V. Club taste tested a whole slew of bacon products. And thank goodness, because after my last taste test of bacon flavoured items I’d much rather let someone else do the work. Among the tested: Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancakes, Bacon Freak Bacon Jerky, skillet bacon jam, Spam with bacon, bacon-flavored jellybeans, bacon-flavored gum balls, and bacon-flavored toothpicks. The article comes complete with office reaction quotes and where to get everything. Well, everything except for the gumballs and mints because “You don’t want that shit.” Seems they’ve come to the same conclusion as I have—artificial bacon flavor just isn’t as good as the real thing. What did manage to get good reviews was the skillet bacon jam. I’m a bit turned off by pureed bacon but grilled cheese with bacon jam was described as “crunchy pulled pork.” Hmmm...

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