The Red Cat’s Bacon Tempura

Earlier this summer I got a tip from baconista followers about this dish featured on Food Network. Unfortunately, it was no longer on the menu at the time. But due to popular demand, it recently reappeared on the Red Cat menu and I was ready to try it with three eager & willing friends.

We met at the Standard Grill for drinks. When you start the night off with tasty cocktails and a plate of pork perfection—jamon iberico, chorizo, and sopressata—you know it’s going to be a good night. Then off to Red Cat for a good dinner with even better dessert. We of course had the bacon tempura which was much lighter than I expected and made for a very good combination with the corn salad sprinkled on top. Also shared was a decent duck entree, a crab appetizer and an amazingly decadent polenta (that was basically all cheese—delicious, delicious cheese). Strawberry shortcake was fresh & light with a very interesting cornmeal texture. But my favorite part of the meal may have been the banana ice cream sandwich with caramelized bananas & caramel sauce. I’m done with my ice cream ratings for now but for this I make an exception—3 scoops!

Photos courtesy of Patty.

Review: The Red Cat

Dinner at Red Cat on 10th between 23d & 24th in Chelsea.


Bacon Hits the Spot... or Marks the Page??

I personally have found plane tickets, metrocards, receipts, photos, postcards—even a clover—in second hand books. Never have I been so lucky as to find a slice of bacon! Artist Dan Thompson has been finding and collecting all kinds of odd and interesting things used as a bookmark in library books. They are now on display in Worthing’s main library. The bacon itself is not in the showcase, however, you can download your very own bacon bookmark here (minus the inevitable mess).

Thanks for the link Karen!


Skunks Do Not Eat Bacon in the Wild

So please do not feed them bacon sandwiches because they will get super fat like this dude. Mr. Bumble the skunk is now on a strict diet of greens and melons as well an exercise routine of two 30 minute walks a day. Apparently, skunks are a popular pet in the UK. Crazy Brits... I guess they are pretty cute little guys, even when they are a bit chunky. Unfortunately, many are being abandoned as a new law prohibits the removal of their scent glands.

By the way, no pets should be fed bacon. It’s bad for them (yeah, I’m talking to you Grandma)! Not even my own Bacon Bit snacks on real bacon—Beggin’ Strips for him means more bacon for me.


Review: Nolita House

A special surprise courtesy of the bartender at Nolita House on Houston between Mott & Mulberry in Nolita.
Mac & cheese with bacon:

Review: Public

Brunch at Public on Elizabeth between Prince & Spring in Nolita.
Side of bacon:


Review: Hale and Hearty Soup

Lunch from Hale & Hearty in Grand Central.
Sweet corn chowder (made with bacon):

Sir Francis Bacon

Not the philosopher, but rather the philosophy—the “holy trinity of flavour: sweet, salty and savory.” Today’s Times describes Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle as “The Love Child of Salt and Sugar.” And I’m prepared to love this child which looks like everything that I was hoping the Red Head’s bacon peanut brittle would be.

Review: Irving Mill

Dinner at Irving Mill on 16th & Irving near Union Square.
Irving Mill Burger with cheddar & bacon:


Review: Essex Restaurant

Brunch at Essex on Essex & Rivington in the Lower East Side.
Side of bacon:


This is How I Want My Meat Packaged...

as long as it’s from a reputable butcher (as you can’t actually see the meat). A unique packaging concept for local, organic meats by Chris Chapman. Not only super cute but biodegradable as well. That first package, however, should be labeled “bacon” since the cut shown is the belly!


Review: Locanda Verde’s Fried Chicken Live

Fried Chicken Live dinner at Locanda Verde at Greenwich & N. Moore in Tribeca.
Matt Greco’s (of Char No.4) house-cured bacon with white beans and tomatoes:

Review: NYC ICY

NYC ICY on Church just off Coney Island Ave in Ditmas Park.
Mango basil icy:


My New Bible

Very soon you’ll be seeing more and more bacon recipes featured (and not just cookies)! Eventually, anyway. Summer had me wanting to be out and eat out all the time. However, this book may be just the thing to inspire me to finally get back to the kitchen. The Bacon Cookbook was sent to me by baconista follower Justin of justcook nyc who is currently working with this author on a cookbook filled with all Southern-style pig recipes out next spring. Very exciting...

To weigh in on which recipe I should make first, vote in the poll to the right.

Review: Smoke Joint

Drinks with dinner at Smoke Joint on S. Elliott and Lafayette in Fort Greene.
Drunken Sow (bacon infused bourbon, bitters, dark brown sugar, and muddled orange):

Note: Have I mentioned how fucking awesome their pulled pork topped how dog is?? Best dog I’ve had... ever.


Le Fooding D’Amour

Two of my great loves (aside from bacon of course)—food and design. My favorite posters for this event:

“12 chefs, three misologists, two butchers, one ice-cream maker, two DJs, 15 graphic designers, a select vintner, a fine Champagne, some fromages and a mystery guest, to feast your senses and do some conscious good. Action Against Hunger can’t wait.”

Neither can I.

Bacon Association

An excerpt from the book I was reading on my commute this morning (the author’s father had suffered a stroke):

“What do you call this, Daddy?” I held up a fork. He mimed eating with his good hand. “That’s right. You eat with it, but what’s it’s name?”... His eyes tilted up as if he were searching for the right word. Meanwhile, in my own skull I leaned hard on the right word—fork fork fork—like a mantra. His eyes flashed. The good side of his mouth warped up in a half smile. “Bacon!”

Eating equals bacon for me too. From Mary Karr’s “The Liar’s Club.”

Review: NYC ICY

NYC ICY on Church just off Coney Island Ave in Ditmas Park.
Peach Icy: