The King of Fat

Someone please get me this book! Or better yet, someone just make me a few of the recipes in it! Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient (who wouldn't want to read this?!) argues that the quest for health has gone way too far. I agree! McLagan describes pork fat as the king of fat. I would like to believe that bacon fat in particular currently reigns! Recipes include a smoky bacon & squash soup and a slow-roasted pork belly. And she also answers my question with her spice cookie recipe that calls for bacon fat rather than butter. Fat is a beautiful thing...

Thanks to Pete LaCock for sending me the Times review.

I ♥ Pork Belly

As much as I love thin, crispy, traditional bacon I will occasionally indulge in it's thicker, fattier cousin. After all, fat = flavor!

A few weeks ago I had a porchetta plate at Porchetta (of course!) in the East Village. The heavily seasoned pork loin wrapped in pork belly was worth the cold walk over to Ave A. I also enjoyed a side of roasted potatoes with “burnt ends” which is basically chunks of crunchy, delicious pork skin. Mmmm...

Last night I had dinner at the izakaya restaurant Riki near Grand Central. Along with lots of other yummy Japanese small dishes, I ordered pork belly skewers. It was like thick bacon on a stick! Very similar to Korean bacon but I think I may have liked this even better.


According to the Smoking Gun, Metallica’s tour rider specifies that “BACON VERY IMPORTANT THAT BACON BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY MEAL AND DURING THE DAY.” This is emphasized with all caps, asterisks and repeated three times throughout the document. Someone in the band is very serious about their bacon intake! Oddly, the fact that there are 6 strict vegetarians on their crew isn't called out in nearly as bold a manner. 

I think I'm going to start demanding bacon be present everywhere I go. 


Why, NY??

Why is the west coast getting all the bacon donut love?? In LA, Nickel Diner’s Maple-glazed Bacon donuts are making news. And lucky SFers can get Maple-glazed Bacon Apple donuts at Dynamo Donuts. Why didn't someone take me there when I was in SF in November? (Yeah, I'm talking to you ILWTR!) Someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong—but it seems there are no bacon donuts in New York!


Please Don’t Wait

Last month I went to Please Don’t Tell to try their bacon-infused Benton’s Old Fashioned. I may have mentioned that reservations are hard to come by. A seat at the bar can be over an hour wait (although they will call your cell phone while you hang out in the neighborhood). My suggestion—make your own:

Bacon Explosion Unites All

This morning as I was reading the NY Times over the shoulder of a fellow subway rider, this article immediately caught my eye: Take Bacon. Add Sausage. Blog. It is the story of the bacon and sausage concoction called the Bacon Explosion—which the Times claims has the ability to "to unite conservatives and liberals, gun owners and foodies, carnivores..." And really, can't we all use a little unity right now? If bacon can't achieve that, I don't know what can. Find the recipe here.


Bacon Cheeseburger Emergency

Some people will go to any lengths to get their bacon cheeseburger done right...

A 911 dispatcher tells an irate fast food customer, "Ma'am, we're not going to go down there and enforce your Western bacon cheeseburger." Someone should have told this crazy woman that you can't get the Western at Burger King.

Review: Rose Water

Brunch at Rose Water on Union & 6th in Park Slope.
Side of bacon (some of which was added into my fried squash sandwich):


Bacon Bits

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Review: The Lovin’ Cup Cafe

Dinner at the Lovin’ Cup Cafe on N6th between Berry and Wythe in Williamsburg.
Mini burgers with applewood smoked bacon and cheddar:


I think I need this...

Get one here. Get me one too.

The Real Scent of Seduction

So it turns out that (despite the ridiculous prices on eBay) BK’s Flame isn't so sexy. In fact, it's downright stinky. I was told later that there actually is no bacon in the Whopper—which could be the problem. 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner you might want to plan ahead. What can be more romantic than the scent of bacon?! Set the mood with these adorable BLT candles—well, just the bacon one will do. I mean, does lettuce really say "love" to you? Lettuce... really? It should be “Bacon = Love.” At least for me it does.


Dreams do come true!

The Astor Center NY invites you to “Sample premium American whiskies while tasting an array of tasty bacons, from artisanal producers including Nueske's, RUB, and other surprise VIP's from the world of smoked meats.” at the 2009 Bacon and Bourbon Expo

If you plan to go, use the promotion code "Citysearch" to save $20 on each ticket! 


More bacon love...

I don't remember where I found this image but it speaks to what's in my heart (and my arteries).



Would it be absurd to make cookies using bacon fat instead of butter?


True (Bacon) Love

Via whatevertheweather via a bunch of other blogs. I too am waiting for this kind of love.


Three Layer Fat

It's about 8° in New York right now and I need to build up a good layer of fat to keep me warm this winter. Regular, thin, crispy bacon is not going to cut it. So last night at Won Jo, along with our typical array of meats, we ordered Sam Gyup Sal which literally translates to "three layer fat." Exactly what I need! (I should point out that I am only about 90 lbs.) I've never had Korean bacon before—it was quite tasty! The texture was a very interesting crispy/chewy combination. But (sorry Seong!) I have to agree with my friend Eric, I still prefer good old American bacon.


Would beef-flavored birthday cake make you cry?

From a great article in Time Magazine about bacon becoming ever more popular in desserts: 

“At some point in history, we decided to keep meat out of our dessert. Maybe it was to distinguish dessert from the rest of the meal, or maybe it's because beef-flavored birthday cake tends to make kids cry. But suddenly menus everywhere have deemed bacon an acceptable crossover.”

Thanks to baconista follower in love with the risk for the tip!


Review: Bridge Street Cafe

Lunch from Bridge Street Cafe in Irvington, NY.
Grilled cheese with bacon:


A piece of bacon a day...

Wait for the last 10 seconds. I am a firm believer!


Meaty Memory

Carry your files around on a bacon-shaped flash drive. That's just kind of weird.


Review: Dizzy’s

Brunch at Dizzy’s on 9th St. and 8th Ave. in Park Slope.
Side of bacon:

Bacon rumors...

According to Slice, there is a possibility that Co.—Jim Lahey's new Chelsea pizzeria—may be serving up a pie involving Kentucky bacon. Very exciting. Regardless of whether bacon makes it on the menu or not, I look forward to trying "the Dom." It must be good if it's paying homage to Di Fara's.


Review: Sala

Tapas at Sala on Bowery and Great Jones in Noho.
Datil (dates stuffed with almonds, wrapped in bacon):

Review: 200 Fifth

Brunch at 200 Fifth on 5th Ave and Union in Park Slope. 
Side of bacon:

Resolution: Rating Bacon

On new years day, I was contemplating resolutions over brunch. As 3 separate sides of bacon arrived—one for each person at my table—I decided that this year I should start rating bacon at different restaurants. I won't be writing lengthy, in-depth reviews of taste and texture but rather a simple rating of 1-4 strips. If anyone has a suggestion for a place I should try (for bacon or dishes involving bacon) please comment.