Pirate Party Pig Roast

Tomorrow (6.22) from 6-10PM is the 2nd annual Pirate Party Pig Roast at the Water Taxi Beach in LIC. $20 for the pig roast, BBQ and vegan buffets, ice cream and an open bar all night. Kids under 12 are free and the water taxi ride is included. Not bad. I do sort of hate the Water Taxi Beach (due to the fratty factor) and I’ve always been very anti-pirate (it’s such a fucking hipster thing to do). And seriously, do vegans really want to see a whole pig roasting? However odd/annoying this party sounds it does help support chashama—an organization that helps artists find affordable studios, galleries and performance spaces. So if by some crazy chance it actually stops raining in NYC, put your eye patch on and go grab some pig.

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  1. Sorry to comment here but I don't know how else to contact you. Tonight on the Food Network, "Best Thing I Ever Ate" they showed battered deep fried bacon at The Red Hat in NYC. Also fresh pork rinds (near cousin to bacon) at the Publican in Cihcago.