Bacon Searches

According to Trend de la Creme, “bacon recipes” was a more popular internet search on Yahoo than the recent death of Ted Kennedy. Bacon comes in just below searches for Michael Jackson whose birthday was celebrated this past weekend. Bacon is rather important in my life but, wow—seriously? I am just as surprised as Trend de la Creme (thanks to Michelle for sending me the interesting blog) who says: “we are all going to hell in a hand basket. A really, really big hand basket. Lined with ham... and gravy... and fried chicken... and Lipitor.” Yes, well, here’s to Teddy:


Review: Red Hat Bistro

Lunch at Red Hat in Irvington NY.
Red Hat burger with bacon:


Review: Grom

Grom on Bleeker & Carmine in the Village.
Pistacchio gelato:


Yet Another Pig Roast

Hapa Kitchen is throwing a luau this Friday at Brooklyn Yard. $10 buys you a plate of pig and macaroni salad. Pig roasts are all the rage these days... call me crazy, but there’s something unappetizing about eating anything along the Gowanus Canal.


Bacon Sandwich—Hold the Bread?

Consists bacon and cheese between 2 fried chicken fillets. Can the KFC Double Down sandwich be real? Please tell me if you’ve witnessed this...

Thanks to Jimmy for the tip!

Peanut butter. Bacon. Chocolate.

All in a cupcake! I was obsessed with all things Elvis for a while—but this combination is equally appealing. The recipe for this Buzz Bakery special is on DCist. Hmm... I'm thinking brownie cupcake would go great with this amazing mousse. And if you happen to be in the DC area on September 18th, stop by Buzz to try the bacon cupcake during the Yelp Cupcake Crawl!


Review: Bar Breton

The very affordable ice cream cart at Bar Breton on 5th Ave near 28th in midtown.
Carrot cake (cream cheese ice cream with carrot cake folded in):


Review: Blue Marble Ice Cream

Blue Marble on Atlantic between Bond & Nevins in Boerum Hill.
Blackberry ice cream topped with balsamic:

Review: BARK Hot Dogs

Dinner at BARK on Bergen near Flatbush in Park Slope.
Bacon cheddar dog:


Perkins Pilferer

An employee of the Perkins in Stuart, FL was arrested for stealing 3 pounds of bacon which she hid in her purse. It doesn’t sound like much but 3 lbs. of bacon is a lot of bacon! How big was this woman’s purse? During her booking, they also found drugs in her possession—but c’mon we all know what the real crime here is. If someone stole my bacon, things could get ugly.


Review: Cookshop

Cookshop’s fairly new ice cream cart on 10th Ave & 20th in Chelsea.
Cookie dough:

Bacon Beer

Sure, bacon and beer pair well together—or so I’ve heard. I don’t drink beer. Some good (or at least interesting) news for those of you Homer Simpson types who drool over both: Brooklyn Brewery is experimenting with a bacon infused beer. Yeah, I don’t know... bacon infused bourbon is pretty damn tasty but I’m a bit over bacon vodka. For those of you might prefer to have them separately, Jimmy’s No. 43 is having a bacon and beer tasting next Tuesday 8/18 with Josh Ozersky!


Review: Safe Haven Bar & Grill

Brunch at Safe Haven on 6th Av and 20th in Greenwood.
Side of bacon:


Sweet Swine Sounds

I am not a tech-savvy person. I don't know a thing about speakers or iPhones (I still have a 1st generation mini). I don’t care to purchase new gadgets until my old ones have completely stop working. There is only one other thing that will drive me to upgrade... cuteness. And this pig speaker with it’s pig tail/cord thingy is unbelievably adorable! Can someone please translate this website so I can order one?? 


Meat Water... Seriously?

This is a joke right? Meat Water, a “high efficiency survival beverage” sounds even more suspect than a “vibrancy drink.” Sure, a juicy BBQ pork dumpling sounds delicious—in liquid form, however, it does not. With over 40 flavors such as pulled pork, italian meatballs, and fried oysters, in combination with their blatant rip off of Vitamin Water, I’m going to assume it’s a joke. But you can find out for yourself tonight at 303GRAND. I’m going to pass in favor of a Purple Rain sing-a-long.


“If We Cant Smoke It, We Grill It.”

From highway 321 in North Carolina, one might think this big pink building is some sort of sex shop (even the parking lot lines were pink). But no, pink is for pig at the BBQ Man Rib Hut where you are invited to “come and get your butt rubbed.” Hmm... a bit pervy after all, Mr. BBQ Man?

I decided to pig in.

A good sign for a baconista to follow...

Barbecued pork, beef & chicken, ribs, hush puppies, sausage, sliced pork and a leg of chicken. A bit of everything which I probably managed to get through maybe a quarter of. The best thing on the plate (besides the addictive hush puppies) was the pulled pork—perfectly smokey and not sauced. At the table you have your choice of the two styles of NC sauces: tomato-based or vinegar-based. Also at the table are a bunch of piggies staring down at you as you happily devour one their own.


Review: Kilwin’s Chocolate & Ice Cream

Kilwin’s in Blowing Rock, NC.
Georgia peach ice cream:

Review: The Table Restaurant

Brunch at The Table at the Crestwood Inn in Boone, NC.