Meatpaper: The Pig Issue

Issue 7 is out now!! Run out and get your copy today! Meatpaper is a fantastic magazine devoted to art and ideas about meat—and the latest issue is all about our favorite subject here in baconista land: the pig! According to Gothamist, there's an article on a new medical treatment called Bacon Therapy, a profile on Allen Benton of Benton’s Bacon (of PDT fame and highly recommended by Mr. Cutlets himself), and a comparison piece on vegan bacon (is that even necessary??).

I love that the editors of this meaty mag (Sasha Wizansky & Amy Standen) are both skinny gals. I have a feeling that if it were run by two slovenly dudes it wouldn't be nearly as tasty. Kudos on the very elegant aesthetic, ladies! I want that Meatpaper tote!

Thanks to Gristle for bringing this to my attention!!

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