The boys behind Bacon Salt have transformed their business from what began as a joke into serious success. In an interview on ABC News they claim the bacon biz is recession-proof. With the popularity of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise (which I’ve never blogged about because I hate mayo), they have recently expanded their line of bacon products to include Bacon Lip Balm. People have been purchasing them by the dozen and “love the feeling of bacon fat on their lips.” Hmmm... Yes, I do enjoy bacon fat on my lips—from REAL bacon! I think I’ll stick with my Burt’s Bees, thanks. 

Up next for J&D? Bacon-scented body spray, suntan lotion (now you too can sizzle!), and soap. I personally don’t use any scented body products—not even pretty-smelling ones from the company I work for. But who knows... perhaps J&D skin care could reach BK Flame status. It’s amazing what clever marketing can do for a novelty product.

Thanks to Karen for the link!

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