Ladies Love the Meat

There’s a misconception that bacon lovers (or meat lovers in general) are all a bunch of male fatties. I chose the name “baconista” specifically because it sounds very feminine. The Daily Beast has a great article that describes the relationship between women and meat. 

Still, the old notion that meat is masculine remains internalized for many women. We suffer the tyranny of veggie plates when we’re hankering for something with charbroiled substance.”

I definitely do not suffer from that notion. I may be a mere 5' tall, 92 lb. chick but yes, it’s usually me who will order the steak and eggs AND a side of bacon (so please don’t set it in front of my male dining companion).


  1. Ah, the joys of meat-pork in general and bacon specifically. I was rather horridly reminded this afternoon that I do not in fact like chicken. In effort to make up for lunch time yuck I am making bacon muffins for supper. And yep-I'm still short and not fat!

  2. Bacon muffins?! Sounds awesome. And just wrap your chicken in bacon...