Sex and Fast Food

We all know sex sells. So what could possibly make bacon sexier? I think it’s pretty damn alluring on it’s own... but Carl’s Jr. (who caused one woman to call 911 to enforce her bacon cheeseburger) has Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi to make their Western Bacon Thickburger even more appealing. I haven’t seen the ads as there are no Carl’s in the NYC area. According to an LA Times article, Lakshmi is practically fucking the burger. Hot woman + hot burger? I can see how men can enjoy this. Is it objectifying women & sexualizing fast food? I personally think it's awesome to see a sexy, slim woman eating a greasy, bacon-laden burger. It’s certainly a change from the baconistic commercials we’re used to seeing. I often lust after the most unhealthy of food choices (and then proceed to eat them). However, I doubt I’ll ever have the desire to eat a fast food burger—no matter how sexy it is.

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