Fancy Bacon Pops

No, not the maple lollipops with bacon chunks—these are bacon and cheese. One of my favorite combinations! Skip the burger, baked potato, sandwich... whatever it is that you usually use as a vehicle for bacon and cheese. These lovely pops from thekitchn.com are a decadent mixture of goat cheese and cream cheese rolled in crispy, crumbled bacon beautifully served on apple slices! I know some of you are not big goat cheese fans but I'm sure you can substitute with some other kind of cheese. And as a true baconista, the “Extra-bacon option” would actually be a requirement.

Thank you Gristle!

1 comment:

  1. Oh lord-save me now! I know one appetizer for my next party. Excuse me-I need to find a napkin(I think I'm drooling a little).