The Greenest Meat

This may be a teeny bit late for Earth Day—but now every day is Earth Day for pork lovers! According to Slate, studies show that pig meat is greener than beef and other red meats. Although I do love a good steak... cows expel a bunch of methane when they belch or fart (the stinkers) whereas pigs do not. Pigs also reproduce more efficiently—cows & sheep give birth to maybe one little calf or baby lamb a year. Pigs on the other hand can have 20 to 30 little piglets. They also take less time (and less feed) to reach their market weight. 

So go ahead and indulge in all your favorite pork products—especially bacon! Organic, humanely raised, nitrate-free bacon of course.


  1. hello...yo blog is da bestest!

    quick question which is kinda related to this post...can u recommend a good nitrate free bacon brand?? i hear TJs and whole foods has good ones but do u know any specific ones?



  2. I buy Applegate Farms Organic Sunday Bacon because it's the only one my local food co-op carries. It's not cured but it's applewood smoked & made from antibiotic free pork with no nitrates or preservatives. I find that it burns quicker than regular bacon... so keep an eye on it!

    Thanks for reading, Drew!