This is where I want to live...

While on the way to a chocolate factory (or was it the cheese outlet?) during a recent trip to Vermont, I spotted a little side street called “Bacon Street!” I meant to go back and take a picture of the sign but completely forgot. How nice it must be to live on Bacon...

Speaking of trips, I'm off to Florida next week. Does anyone have bacon suggestions in the Ft. Lauderdale or Miami area??


  1. My mom lives in Ft. Lauderdale-I'll ask and post back here.

  2. *gasp* My mom is not bacon aware in her town! She says the best bacon is at her house. She only eats it at breakfast apparently. Try some Cuban restaraunts(there are some good ones!) and there is an excellent Brazilian place but I can't remember the name.

  3. Thanks for looking into it (tsk, tsk, mom!) but I'm sure I'll find something!

  4. I know Baconista has an unhealthy aversion to condiments but...