Bacon, King of Meats

This past Thursday, I attended the long-awaited Bacon and Bourbon Expo. Josh Ozersky (aka “Mr. Cutlets”) of Grub Street was our host. He began with a poem...

Bacon, King of Meats: The food all men desire
Perfumed by the aromas of the slowly smoldering fire

We gather in your honor, with bourbon or with beer
Two hundred souls collected for the thing they hold most dear

May your meat be bathed in smoke of one thousand fragrant logs
Created from the belly of obese and happy hogs

Redolent of hickory, with a cure as sweet as sin
You go places gastronomical, no sausage has ever been

All hail the mighty bacon! Whose scent inspires longing
Whose taste sets hearts afire and empty stomachs gnawing

Most precious of necessities, most beloved of all treats
From China to Peru, the undisputed King of Meats.


  1. Is this an annual event? I wanted to go!

  2. The full name of the event is “ The 2009 Bacon and Bourbon Expo” which leads me to believe that it is annual (at least I hope so!).

    More pictures to come...