West Coast Wake Up

California restaurants seem to be specializing in some very bacon-y breakfast treats. There are of course the maple bacon donuts in SF that I have been pining over. Another great way to wake up is to this amazing bacon crusted french toast being served at Santa Monica bar West 4th/Jane. Owners Lieberman and O’Brian (former New Yorkers) named the bar in honor of NYC’s popular Corner Bistro which I’m sorry to say, is a bit overrated. Besides, the bistro doesn’t serve brunch—much less this delicious looking french toast! LA Times talks to Leiberman about his creation:

“Bacon with maple syrup is one of the greatest flavor combinations ever invented. I've had every kind of crusted French toast out there, from Captain Crunch to corn flakes. But no one had ever done it with bacon.”

I have to say, Captain Crunch-crusted french toast is pretty tasty so I can only imagine... Someone please tell me this dish in some way, shape or form exists in the real W4th area—or anywhere in NYC? Until I make another trip over, ILWTR will have to let me know how it is. 

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