Buttermilk Channel

The Buttermilk Channel is where—if you were a Brooklyn farmer a couple centuries back—you may have once walked your cows across at low tide to graze on the grass of Governor’s Island. It’s also a Caroll Gardens restaurant that offers grass-fed steak as well as buttermilk fried chicken. But the purpose of my visit was to have a cocktail and sample their famed maple & bacon roasted almonds. Similar to the bacon peanut brittle at Readhead, but sweeter and with larger chunks of deliciously candied bacon. I was also persuaded to try the mustard-glazed grilled bacon even though I am not a fan of mustard. It looks pretty tasty but if you don’t enjoy mustard it is probably not for you. Bacon seems to be laced throughout the menu here which gives me plenty of reason to go back for a full meal. I am eyeing the A-B-C grilled cheese on the brunch menu: apples, double smoked bacon, and NY state cheddar. Mmmm...  

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