Larder Love

I was instantly smitten when I walked into BKLYN Larder in Flatbush yesterday evening and saw all the dried sausages hanging from a pig-perched rail. I was then overwhelmed by the many tantalizing cheeses displayed before me but the staff was eager to help. I tried two pecorinos as well as a pantaleo. I went with the panteleo as well as a soft cheese I can’t recall the name of. The dude behind the counter was very patient as I was overcome with enthusiasm and forgot my manners. I exclaimed, “We want more!” because there was still the task of choosing from the plentiful pork products. I’ve mentioned before that cuteness counts and the Larder is no exception—as evidenced by their prosperity pig (rather than kitty), shelves full of beautifully packaged provisions, and well-designed signage. And they certainly have the gastronomic goods to back it up.

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