Wear It With Pride

I wear my heart on my sleeve... and I ♥ pig! Now you too can show your pig pride.

These lovely baconista 1" pins are FREE—but only if you are a baconista blog follower. So sign up today! Then send a mailing address to thebaconista@gmail.com and start waiting eagerly by the mail box. 

If you’re not a follower (what’s wrong with you?), then the pins are a mere dollar which you can pay through paypal. Email for more info.


  1. I would love a pin! That piggy is so cute-wherever did you find that silhouette? I didn't see this yesterday as I was at urgent care and then the ER with my daughter til 2am-is it too late?

  2. Of course it’s not too late! This is for all followers (even new ones) while supplies last. Just email me.

    Hope your daughter is okay!