“If We Cant Smoke It, We Grill It.”

From highway 321 in North Carolina, one might think this big pink building is some sort of sex shop (even the parking lot lines were pink). But no, pink is for pig at the BBQ Man Rib Hut where you are invited to “come and get your butt rubbed.” Hmm... a bit pervy after all, Mr. BBQ Man?

I decided to pig in.

A good sign for a baconista to follow...

Barbecued pork, beef & chicken, ribs, hush puppies, sausage, sliced pork and a leg of chicken. A bit of everything which I probably managed to get through maybe a quarter of. The best thing on the plate (besides the addictive hush puppies) was the pulled pork—perfectly smokey and not sauced. At the table you have your choice of the two styles of NC sauces: tomato-based or vinegar-based. Also at the table are a bunch of piggies staring down at you as you happily devour one their own.