Meat Water... Seriously?

This is a joke right? Meat Water, a “high efficiency survival beverage” sounds even more suspect than a “vibrancy drink.” Sure, a juicy BBQ pork dumpling sounds delicious—in liquid form, however, it does not. With over 40 flavors such as pulled pork, italian meatballs, and fried oysters, in combination with their blatant rip off of Vitamin Water, I’m going to assume it’s a joke. But you can find out for yourself tonight at 303GRAND. I’m going to pass in favor of a Purple Rain sing-a-long.


  1. i'm glad you think this one is a joke, because this wouldn't be the first time I'd ask you if this was for real or not...

  2. Sounds like it started out as a very elaborate marketing parody but apparently there will actually be a tasting at the event tonight.


  3. Did you seriously use "seriously" in a headline: Seriously now.