Best Bacon Splurge

In an effort to save money, I’ve decided not to drink or eat out as much (hence the lack of bacon ratings) or do any shopping until summer comes around... oh summer, please come quickly!! This has been very difficult—especially when there are $9 chocolate bars and $10 jars of anarchy tempting me. One way to cut spending is to bring my lunch to work as much as possible. I've been eating turkey sandwiches for the better part of the past week. This may seem incredibly boring and a sure way to make me ditch my lunch & run out to one of the 3 places in Irvington to buy a hot meal. But these are no ordinary sandwiches... inside is a thin layer of heaven. That heaven is baconmarmalade. Sure, $9 for a 4 oz. jar would not exactly be considered “saving” but a little goes a long way. And as long as I have baconmarmalade, I could eat sandwiches every single day for the rest of my life. That would certainly be very thrifty! It’s a good investment to make otherwise sad lunches into something to look forward to. Plus it's fun open up a jar with such an incredibly cute logo. You all know cuteness counts in my world (unfortunately resulting in pricey chocolate purchases).

You can find baconmarmalade at the next Greenpoint Food Market on April 10th. Learn more about Ross and Joanna (the awesome chef/designer couple) behind all that deliciousness here.


  1. Ooooh I can't wait to get some!

  2. You won't be disappointed!