West Coast Review: Pirate Cat Radio

A review from my new West Coast correspondent, Kajsa:

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Pirate Cat Radio in the Outer Mission district of San Francisco. While I was ostensibly there to watch my friends’ band, Veil Veil Vanish be interviewed for their latest CD release, I may have had ulterior motives for insisting on coming and lending my support. I’ve been dying to try their cafĂ©’s Bacon Maple Latte since Anthony Bourdain, (yeah, yeah), aired his SF No Reservations episode.

The initial smell is most definitely bacon, and the first few sips are intensely smokey. The bacon bits that act as a garnish work well to give you that first nose-full of salty, fatty char, but are a bit off-putting in their texture. They are miniscule and with the high fat to meat ratio that is what is so wonderful about bacon you are left with more tiny pieces of stale lard between your teeth than even I'd prefer.

It does get better as you go along. The maple is hardly detectable, but does add just the right amount of sweet for me, (which to be honest is very little). The oils start to rise and collect at the top, which gives each sip a silky effect, and is not as tongue coating as I expected. I did not catch the note in the corner of their blackboard that all their drinks are doubles and was unable to finish unless I wanted to shake the rings off my fingers, but the coffee flavor was needless to say present and held up to the flavor of the bacon.

Overall, definitely worth checking out and the music wasn't half bad either.

Photo by Suzanne Ray.

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