Review: Mandansui

Dinner at Mandansui on 35th between 5th & 6th in K-town.
Daepae Sam-gyeop-Sal:


  1. i was gonna try it after reading that review in the times, but should i skip it? i already have some fave korean places around town, and i don't really do 35th street anyway.

  2. We also had Yang-Nyum Galbi & Chadol-Baegi which were both very good. I'm no expert on Korean food but it wasn't much different than the places on 32nd that I usually go to other than the fact that Won Jo and NY Kom Tang Soot use coal. Besides that, the level of service & quality of food seem pretty similar to me. Although Mandansui does have a much longer wait now that it's been in the Times.