Canadian Bacon Flu

On a very last minute business trip to Montreal I felt rather ill. I must have looked pretty awful because everyone was asking me if I had the Swine Flu. The flight attendant said I looked like I was “really hating life right now.” Well, yeah—since we were stuck on a freezing plane for 2 hours before taking off. She was kind enough to move me to some empty seats where I could lay down. Then the woman across the aisle requested to be moved away from me. I guess I don’t blame her... A herd of pigs in Canada caught the virus from a Canadian who recently visited Mexico. But I wasn’t near those pigs! Hell, I don’t even like Canadian bacon.

The hysteria is a bit out of control. Restaurants aren’t serving pork... I had to wear a mask in the doctor’s office waiting room... By the way, my doctor assures me I DO NOT have Swine Flu! (No one believes you just have a teeny cold when you’re a known pig lover during a pig flu epidemic.)

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  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well while traveling... And it totally sucks that you went to Canada of all places right now! hat bad timing!!! haha Hope you feel better!