I think we all know who wins (as proven in previous fights to the death). This is obvious in the world of meats, but in the world of email this also holds true. “Bacn” (minus the “o”) is better than spam. The very recently coined term refers to all of your middle-class email—the newsletters and updates you signed up for but never actually read. 

For example, I get bacn from my favorite online shoe store, my local wine shop and for events posted on facebook. It’s self-inflicted spam—they flood my inbox and I usually just delete them immediately. But you never know when you'll want to use that 20% off promo code, find out when the next wine tasting is, or attend your FB friend’s next show. So in that way bacn is far superior to spam.

According to NPR, many “dismiss bacn as yet another trendy—and annoying—cyber-term and predict it won't sizzle for long.” I don’t know... people do love bacon. I’m sure email users everywhere will gladly take any opportunity to insert it into their daily dialogue. 

Thanks to Pete LaCock (the only person that could possibly be more tech-challenged than myself) for introducing me to the term.


  1. I just bought some of the bacon spam a few hours ago-how weird. I'll let you know how it goes.
    And I never heard of bacn-though I do try to avoid it as well as spam.

  2. That IS weird. Who knew bacon spam was widely available? I've never seen or heard of it before today's google image search.

  3. Isn't Pete LaCock a baseball player from the 70s? I had no idea you were friends, must be his bold strip of manliness; or as Keith puts it, 'his brush'...

  4. Pete is also the son of the original host of Hollywood Squares, Peter Marshall; Pete may be a techno-Luddite--an eight-track sensibility in a world of Pandora--but he is an early adopter of tech lexicon.

  5. Mustache kinda morning...