I would never randomly blog about anything non-bacon-related but for Park Avenue Winter I can make an exception. I reverted to my Catholic school days on St. Patrick’s Day and donned the school girl look for a fantastic free meal

Here I am with 10 of my “classmates”—all pamphagous foodies. About 85% of the restaurant dressed the part including Broke Ass Stuart and friend. I can’t imagine how PAW can afford to do this. I was expecting some Restaurant Week bullshit... small portions, bad service, limited menu, etc. But this was truly an exceptional experience all the way through. Each school girl was treated to a full three course meal and two drinks. In addition, two sides were provided for each table. The portions were huge and the service on point. 

An amuse bouche compliments of the chef. Deep fried cheese things are a great way to start a meal. Photo via foodactually

Filet mignon with braised short ribs and root vegetables. Meat garnished with meat—genius! (Which is exactly what I wrote in our little love note to the chef).

My very complicated dessert: pistachio brown butter cake with an ice cream log rolled in crushed pistachios over red wine pears and a pear sorbet on a merengue. And classmate Patty’s dessert, "the chocolate cube.” Both photos also via foodactually.

Thank you Gossip Girl! xoxo...


  1. Hey Broke-Ass Stuart here. Thanks for the shout out. Come through my book reading and walking tour at McNally Jackson tomorrow (3/20) at 7pm. Free Beer :)

  2. I'll try! If only to see those hairy white legs again...

  3. Looks fun! And delicious as well! I am sure they had bacon in the kitchen somewhere.

  4. Filet served on a bed or short ribs is genius. I am truly jealous.