Bacon Take Down-er

After last weekend’s Great (or just okay) Greenpoint Mac Off and Sunday’s Bullshit Brooklyn Bacon Take Down—lesson learned: Never go to hipster infested (and in Radegast Hall’s case—stroller ridden?) bars promising food unless tickets are secured in advance. Both events lured me to parts of Brooklyn that I don’t particularly like and/or are difficult for me to get to. At least the Mac Off was free and I got to sample a couple of the macs. But the Take Down was so chaotic. I didn't stay and luckily didn’t pay. A commenter on Eater says:

“The organizers of this event should make sure that there is an organized line so that you are not required to be a pushy douchbag just to get to the items you paid for. Anyone defending the mass attack on a table is a douchbag who doesn't mind people knowing it (and in w-burg? what a surprise!). If this was free event, I would understand.”

Yes. Surprise, surprise...

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