Bacon Killed the Vegetarian?

If any meat had the power to convert a diehard vegetarian, it’s bacon. I’ve had vegans tell me they still dream of bacon and heard of vegetarians who claim to be "bacontarians." A former vegetarian friend (who I believe was responsible for food gone missing from my plate while I'm in the restroom) places bacon on his list of top favorite smells. It’s allure is quite intoxicating... And with the ever-widening availability of better quality meats that are responsibly raised, is it so wrong to eat meat now? How could you possibly resist? Pork-centric restaurants all over the city are only fanning the flames. Edible Manhattan has an interesting discussion on the matter (click the bottom link for the audio clip). And if you are a proud vegetarian/bacon lover, this is the shirt for you.

New York Press has an article on the same subject of vegetarians succumbing to bacon. One former vegetarian, now rock-star butcher, Tom Mylan says his fight to keep flesh out of his diet just got old and that, “If I wanted to eat bacon, I would eat bacon.” Take that tofu... another win for bacon!