Bacon Butter

My formerly vegetarian friend forwarded me a link to this food blog. We all know butter makes everything better. And of course bacon makes everything better. It only seems natural to combine the two. Bacon butter—more specifically bacon molasses butter—on top of steak?!! And home made fries??! Could any more deliciousness possibly fit on this plate? 


  1. How on earth did I not know you had a bacon blog?!? Christmas came early!


  2. I didn't know you loved bacon... But really, who doesn't? Merry Christmas to all!

  3. You pose a great question, quite riddle-like. One may instinctually try to fit more deliciousness onto the plate - it even invites this sort of reaction, look at all of that negative space. The possibilities! However there is a very delicate balance present and anymore deliciousness could create a catastrophic reaction of flavor overload.