NYC's Best Sandwiches

Grubstreet has a list of the 101 Best Sandwiches in New York. And no surprise, many of these are pork sandwiches! There are so many in fact that I decided to choose a mere 10 from the list that I would like to try in the next year or so. From the bottom of the list up, here are my picks:

100. The Elvis - Peanut Butter & Co.

83. Ham & Cheese - Char No. 4

56. Bacon & Marmalade - Prune

53. PMB (pancetta, mango & basil) - Sullivan St. Bakery

43. Bacon, Egg & Lettuce - BKLYN Larder

39. Bacon, Egg & Cheese - Prime Meats

26. Country Ham Biscuit - Egg

22. Grilled 3-Cheese with House-smoked Ham - The Breslin

13. Croque Monsieur - Bar Boulud

I think I’ll start with number 53! A lot of these picks are based on me already loving particular restaurants or wanting to try ones I haven’t. There is lots of porky goodness on the list besides these. What are your favorites? Any sandwiches that you think are missing? I think Bierkraft’s Serrano should have been very high on the list. And are ice cream sandwiches not considered? Because Xie Xie’s 1000 Year Old Ice Cream Sandwich would easily top my list!


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  2. I love the Croque Monsieur (I actually had the Madame) at Bar Boulud and will be attempting to duplicate it this month.

  3. Sounds good! I love recreating sandwiches...