PETA vs. Paris

This adorable swine version of Bodoni is Miss Piglette—Paris Hilton’s soon to be pet pig. PETA made a statement that she treats her pets as “disposable as her friends and fiancees.” Ouch. The heiress who paid $4,500 for her new companion/accessory says “I treat my pets like children. I think it’s a lot better for the pig to be at home with me than be made into bacon.” I’m not so sure about that. I’ve seen Tinkerbell struggling to walk in what are probably $300 doggie booties and wearing stupid ballerina get ups. That's just cruel...

Pigs would actually have a much better life rooting around in manure on a free range farm somewhere. Ultimately ending up as bacon is a small sacrifice to pay to avoid a lifetime in humiliating costumes being carried around like a purse.

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