My First Encounter with English Bacon

So, I’ve heard mixed reviews about English bacon but have never had the opportunity to find out for myself. That is until I decided to stop in for a few drinks and a bite to eat at Black Horse Pub. This place is filled, but not packed, with crazy Brits screaming at the big screen above the bar during some football match. They serve a full English Breakfast here but seeing as how it was well past lunch time I opted for English bacon on a roll. (Please excuse my crappy photo as my real camera is broken and my phone doesn't take the best pics.) I honestly didn't think I’d love it—considering how much I adore good old American thin, crispy, streaky bacon—but I was actually quite pleased. It's much thicker, a bit sweeter, and served simply on a buttered, toasted roll. It's basically just meat & bread... but I have to say, it’s one of my new favorite sandwiches!

Earlier this week I found out that a good friend will be moving to London in a few months. This of course devastated me as she is someone who would go to great lengths to help me discover new places to eat pigs in a blanket (what I am I going to do without you??). But now that I know English bacon is so dope, the news is now rather exciting and I can’t wait to go visit (so please hurry up and move already)!


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